Back Order Policy

Your part is on backorder. What does this mean?

Backorder means the part is out of stock at all available warehouses. This means that 99.9% of the time, nobody has any stock, and we are all waiting for manufacturers to catch up with production and ship stocking orders and dropships. When manufacturers ship stock, they ship in large quantities to their dealers and distribution centers. When products arrive at these warehouses and suppliers, the First/Oldest orders get products, and then all products are allocated to orders in chronological order.

Example: ZL1 Addons Rear Diffusers are almost always on backorder. You can place a preorder and wait. Your order will then be fulfilled using First In, First Out. If you decided to wait until they were in stock, you would always be at the bottom of the list. This also means that you will have to wait for the next round of manufacturing/production to have enough stock for your order.

“If you don’t have it, someone else will surely have it in stock.”

Sometimes, you’ll get lucky and find another store or website with the product on hand, but during these times, that is usually not how it will play out. Most of this industry is comprised of drop shippers. That means they don’t usually have a brick-and-mortar warehouse and ship everything to their customers directly from a supplier or distributor. Drop shippers typically do not have any stock because they rely on their suppliers’ and distributors’ stock to sell from. Some companies in this industry are suppliers and distributors, which means they have a warehouse and fill it with stock when it’s available, then continue to sell the product from their stock. Our goal is to get a product to you as quickly as possible.

Can I cancel my order if I find it in stock elsewhere?

Yes, you can cancel your order. Before canceling your order, we strongly recommend that you verify that the other dealer(s) have the item on hand. We know that sometimes inventory errors or even double sales of items occur. Also, note that if you cancel an order with us and place a new one with another dealer, chances are that your backorder wait period will be extended since you’re last on the list to get the item. All orders are processed with First IN, First OUT. So, if you cancel with us and reorder, you’ll lose your spot in line to get the item.

I got an ETA, but when I checked back, it was EVEN longer. 

This, unfortunately, happens. We give you ETAs directly from manufacturers and do NOT come up with the periods ourselves. Some ETAs provided by manufacturers are very accurate, and some are overshot; in both cases, delays in production or shipping are relatively common. Material stock issues or US Customs holding shipments from Manufacturers always happen. We try to give you the most accurate and honest ETAs as provided by our network of suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers. When an ETA is extended 99.9% of the time there is nothing we can do to speed it up. We can help you find alternative products if you cannot wait. However, remember that sometimes there isn’t an alternative to all the parts we sell.

If only part of the order is back-ordered, what happens to the other items I ordered?

We try our best to get all of the products you purchased to you as quickly as possible. If you ordered a kit and 9/10 items are in stock, we’ll likely ship you the 9 items and inform you how long the wait is on the last item. In some cases, if the shipment is traveling across a country border, we’ll hold the order to make one shipment to you instead of multiple shipments to keep track of.

 Please note that does NOT offer Live Inventory for products listed on our website.

Due to the nature of the automotive industry and the fact that we offer hundreds of thousands of items from hundreds of different manufacturers and distributors, we cannot display live inventory. Some items ship directly from our Arizona warehouse, whereas others may ship directly from the manufacturer or distribution warehouse. If you need specific products for definitive dates, please get in touch with us here: to verify the availability of the products you wish to purchase.

How does TechnaKits notify customers of a backorder?

When an item is found to be on backorder with the manufacturer, you will be notified via the email address on your order. Note that some manufacturers are better at notifying us than others. We will make every effort to follow up with you regarding your order.